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7th December 2016 

Helping people to change their lives. Counselling locations in the LE9 and LE2 areas of Leicester.

A Warm Welcome,

Perhaps you're here because things just don't feel right; or you feel terrible. The way you are feeling about yourself and your life matters hugely. It matters because the knock-on effects for yourself and for those you are close to can be enormous.

Your close relationships, family life, friendships, work, study, financial situation - all may suffer. Much as people may try very hard to cover it all up, there is always an impact. It all continues to ripple out. It is usually at this point, the point when people can openly acknowledge that there is an effect on their marriage/partnership, work etc, that they make contact.

Some people struggle on silently for decades.

Life passes them by.

Sometimes others see and know our 'public' self and fail to see and know our 'private' self. Sometimes we don't really know our own private selves. But somehow we all know when things just don't feel good. Or feel terrible. And you're probably at one of those points.

There are people who struggle on silently, sometimes for decades. Then there comes a time in life when they're ready. Ready to ask someone to help them untangle it all. Primarily people need someone to really understand the "what it's like to be me". And this is the starting point.

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So how do you choose?

Yes indeed. This counsellor? That therapist? They all say similar things on websites. How do you know who will feel right for you? Instinct? Gut feeling? It's a difficult one, but it's so important for a successful outcome that you find someone you can trust and relate to; the 'fit' has to feel right. We understand this. You can call and we can talk it through, or if it feels easier, send a text or email.

About the counselling service

Primary Counselling is a long established, caring and responsible private Leicester Counselling Practice.

People come to us for many different reasons, but a common deeper feeling is often the sense that there is a loss of purpose or meaning in their lives. We help you to overcome difficulties and deeply personal problems, that often feel painful and distressing. You can come privately and confidentially and are offered a safe, secure, non-judgemental environment.

Unlike some of the NHS services there are no waiting lists. You can make an appointment today.

Taking time off from work is often just not possible.

You can come in the evening.

Who is it for?

It needn't be a last resort. People often feel they've reached rock bottom - it doesn't have to be this way. These days counselling or therapy is far more mainstream. We see people from all walks of life. There is a massive increase in the numbers of professional people, high achievers, academics and business people who make contact. Ofen they recognise that whilst their professional life is good, their personal life lacks the same satisfaction. We provide:

Private Counselling for Adult Men and Women - Find out More

Employee or Workplace Counselling - Primary Counselling is the preferred providers for a growing number of Leicestershire companies - Find out More

Personal Therapy for Psychodynamic Students in Training: Reduced Fees Apply - Find out More

Who will you see?

Janet Butterworth: A warm, approachable, well qualified Registered Member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy with more than ten years experience in practice. A professionally trained attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and psychodynamic counsellor with consulting rooms on London Road, Victoria Park (LE2) and in Leicestershire (LE9).

Where you can come

The LE9 counselling practice is in a peaceful location between Leicester and Hinckley. We are conveniently near the main A47 (near Desford and Enderby) but feel far enough from the stresses of traffic and the sometimes rushing activity of the city to provide a calm space.

The LE2 counselling practice is convenient for the city centre, and for Stoneygate, Clarendon Park and the Oadby areas.

These practices provide people with an environment that is not only welcoming but also very appropriate for counselling.

Parking: You can park outside or very nearby! One less concern - no one needs the unpredictability and stress of finding safe, convenient parking.

So Easy To Reach

The County Practice (LE9) is located in a quiet village location close to Blaby, Desford, Enderby, Glen Parva, Groby, Hinckley, Kirby Muxloe, LFE, Narborough and Market Bosworth.

We are just a couple of minutes drive from the main A47 between Leicester and Hinckley. The practice is within striking distance of NEXT HQ and Caterpillar.

The City Practices (LE2): The private counselling consulting rooms in the Victoria Park areas are easily accessible from Central Leicester and the University.

Parking is available.

Why private counselling?

It's not always possible to get this on the NHS. In addition not everyone feels comfortable telling their GP about for instance, a relationship problem.

'Going private' means there are no waiting lists and you have the freedom to choose who and what feels right for you. And at a time of the day or evening that fits in with you.

As experienced counsellors we are open to receiving referrals from professionals such as Doctors, Occupational Health Specialists, Employee Assistance Insurers (EAP's), Social Services & Solicitors.

HOWEVER, the majority of people we see contact us directly, independently and privately. And confidentially.

Some of the personal problems or emotional difficulties people seek help for may also be having a serious impact on other areas of life. This kind of investment - your emotional well-being - can be crucial to your overall well-being.

Putting your needs first

Whatever feels the easier way to make initial contact, email or phone, you will have taken the first step to helping yourself. Many people feel a huge sense of relief once they have taken the decision to see a counsellor. As a private practice we take care to ensure that having taken this decision you are not then left to grapple with all the feelings associated with being told that you will have to wait months. Or years in some cases.

Make contact. We can then talk through what you feel you need right now and go from there. We may arrange an initial session, we may not - your needs come first.

Call Jan on either:

01455 821753 / 079560 45432

from 8.00am - 8.00pm daily.

The content of this website is written with you in mind. Take a look around.

It can feel difficult to take that first step, and it's often easier to put it off until another day, but then the years just roll by too.

Sometimes we just need to take the bull by the horns and try another way. It just might make all the difference!

Warm regards,

Jan Butterworth

UKCP Registered Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Registered Member MBACP

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